Religious Education Media Exchange

The mission of the Religious Education Media Exchange is to establish a network of quality resources and support services to parishes, schools and organizations which will enable them to evangelize, catechize and facilitate the ongoing development of a personal and communal faith evangelize within the hearts and minds of the people in the Diocese of Grand Island.

REMEX: What is it?

Religious Education Media Exchange is the resource center for the Diocese of Grand Island. Many people of the diocese have heard of us and many know what services we offer. For those who do not, here is a breakdown.


Instructions on how to use our catalog

Welcome to the REMEX catalog help page!! This database is designed to help you do an easy and quick search through our catalog. Follow these simple tips to start exploring our catalog:

  • If title is known put it or part of it in the title section to see if REMEX holds this title and select "start search".
  • If you interested in a particular subject, type that into either the "subject" or the "description" and select "start search".
  • Follow the same directions to utilize any of the other fields. For instance if you know a video was produced by Paulist and you know it's about baptism, but do not know the title, use that information and see what the database brings up.
  • Videos (VT),Audio Cassettes (Cas), and Books (BK) are stored in this database please select with media you desire under code .
  • Level choices are A=Adult, S=Senior High, J=Junior High, I=Intermediate, P=Primary, K=PreSchool Kindergarten.
  • When you have selected your criteria select "start search" and your search will begin.

If you find a resource you would like to use, select or call the REMEX office at 1-800-652-0004 or 308-382-6565 and our staff would be happy to assist you.

How to Effectively Use Media

  • Plan, Plan, Plan
  • Know What You Are Using Before Sharing it with the Class-Preview
  • Be Creative-Use Things You Might Not Consider "Religious Material"
  • Plan a Discussion of the Material
  • Have a Theme, a Purpose, and a Goal
  • Make Sure Your Equipment Is Adequate

Popular Culture & Faith

Want to use a popular movie in your faith formation?

REMEX has great resources to help you to constructively watch movies in or out of the classroom. One of these resources is "Reel to Real". The printed resource gives you outlines and lesson plans to watch and discuss movies that provide both entertainment and lessons of life from a Christian perspective. This is a great resource for both family and educational viewing.