The REMEX Office exists to serve the parishes of the diocese in developing and maintaining effective catechetical programs. Office staff are available to come to parishes free of charge to work with pastors, parish councils, principals, coordinators, parish and/or school catechists, parent group, etc. regarding the organization, training, and resources necessary to establish effective catechetical programs. A more complete list of office services follows:

  • Encouraging and motivating catechists on every level by in-service training, newsletters, mini-conferences, ( e.g. Festival of Faith)
  • Proposing alternative models of catechetical priorities which can be adapted to the needs of particular areas, parishes, or schools.
  • Supplying guidelines for parish organization, programs of sacramental preparation, and other programs to help parishes provide comprehensive catechesis (Confirmation Guidelines)
  • Providing resources and support for selection of catechetical programs and materials (e.g. choosing text book series).
  • Providing in-service training and formation opportunities for parish catechetical leaders (DREs/CREs); (e.g. Administry)
  • Promoting and encouraging continuing spiritual formation of catechists, such as participation in retreats, Cursillos, etc.
  • Establishing norms for certifying catechists in parish programs and Catholic school personnel. (Catechist Certification Guide)
  • Keeping catechetical personnel informed concerning important Church documents and recommendations which pertain to catechesis
  • Providing access to catechetical resources, including textbooks and audio-visual materials -- REMEX. Browse the REMEX Catalog HERE
  • Conducting regular surveys to gather statistical data to facilitate the work of the Office
  • Consultation regarding adult education resources and programs
  • Providing education, training, and consultation regarding Human Sexuality Education in the parish
  • Providing resources and network for a parish search for a person to fill an opening position including screening potential candidates with the DRE Perceiver
  • Providing resources and instruments for evaluating catechetical programs
  • Fostering social justice within all catechetical programming.