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Going Bananas for Jesus Service Project

Going Bananas for Jesus is honored to give you the opportunity to share this amazing weekend with people around the world, most likely people in far greater need than the participants in this conference. The Project is a service of the Catholic Relief Services called the Gift of Hope. You, you and a friend, your whole class, or your whole parish can do this. The Gift of Hope Catalog is available on-line: gifts.crs.org Pick out something that makes sense to you or perhaps, is a challenge. You or your group will deal directly with Catholic Relief Services, build hype, generate funds, and have a fundraiser. For example, if you or your group decide to purchase a few chickens, a cow, or a sewing machine; find some way to come up with the money, send it to CRS, and when you get to Going Bananas for Jesus, we will celebrate what you have accomplished!!


Just for being involved in this service project, your name can be entered in a drawing for one pair of boys and one pair of girls new athletic shoes worth up to $100 to be awarded during Going Bananas for Jesus!