Marriage Tribunal

Welcome.  We are here to assist you in the after math of a civil divorce of yourself or of a loved one, to further educate on our services in ministry, or to provide general information on annulments.  The Marriage Tribunal of the Diocese of Grand Island is the court established by the diocesan bishop.  Under the direction of the Judicial Vicar, who is appointed by the Bishop, and with the help of specially trained and appointed staff, the ministry of the Tribunal is carried out.  

The Church presumes that all marriages, both Catholic and non-Catholic are valid.  The Marriage Tribunal of the Diocese of Grand Island serves to review marriages that have ended in divorce.  The goal of these reviews in the Tribunal is to determine if a particular marriage was not a valid covenant with God as understood by the law of the Church or if marriages of Catholics were entered using the proper form and matter.  The Code of Canon Law, Dignitas Connubii,  Mitis Iudex Dominus Iesus, and jurisprudence of the tribunals of the universal Church regulate the Tribunal's practices and assure that the rights of the parties are observed and upheld. 

Please explore our pages, which give an overview of the annulment process. types of cases, a glossary, and some frequently asked questions. If you need additional help or have further questions, please contact your parish priest or our office.