Agape Love Letters

Agape Love Letters

Often when we think of love letters we think of romance and passion – eros or erotic love.  As Catholic Christians we are called to something more.  We all share a common vocation - the Universal Call to Love and Communion.  In this calling we strive to love others as Christ loved us, giving of ourselves freely and selflessly – welcoming others completely and unconditionally.  This God-like love to which we are called is known as agape love.  Agape love images God, it is centered in Christ, and it is enabled by the Holy Spirit.  It is through our expressions of agape love that others encounter Christ.   Provide an encounter with Christ’s love for someone who has experienced abuse by writing them an Agape Love Letter.  Include some of the following expressions of love:

Dear Child of God,

  • You are unique, special, gifted and graced – a never to be repeated wonder in all of God’s creation.
  • I believe you and I love you.
  • God loves you and does not desire for you to be harmed.
  • The things that you experienced were not what God had planned for you and the pain you have endured is painful to Him.
  • Nothing that has ever happened to you or ever will happen to you can change who you are – a beloved child of God.
  • God’s plan for you was to experience only love and that is still His plan.
  • God is more powerful that anyone you have ever encountered, and He loves you more than anyone you have ever known.
  • I will be praying for you – for your continued protection and healing.
  • May you know God’s profound love for you.

Send your letter(s) to the Diocesan Child Protection Office to be shared with individuals who access Victim Assistance services in our Diocese and throughout the country.

Diocese of Grand Island

Child Protection Office

2708 Old Fair Road

Grand Island NE  68803

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