The Promise to Protect and the Pledge to Heal

A Letter to Our Children

The Catholic Church is committed to preventing the abuse of children and promoting the healing of those harmed by abuse.

To learn more about the the risk of abuse, the Church's efforts, and what you can do as parents view the videos at the links below.

United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Secretariat for Child and Youth Protection

Dr. Monica Applewhite


Parent Resources

  • As parents we are called to protect our children and help them grow in loving relationships. Teaching these simple lessons keeps them safe and helps them grow.

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  • We want our children to be active and involved in their church, school, and community, but there are so many activities to choose from. These 10 signs help indicate which programs are safe, and which are the most risky.

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  • We can't protect our children from everything, but these basic strategies are key to safeguarding them in relationships - face to face and online.

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  • Healthy boundaries are an important part of right relationships.  Helping our children know when to say "no" and how to say "no" to an adult who is violating their boundaries helps protect them from abuse.

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  • Children learn through repetition and we all know “practice makes perfect.” As you enter new situations with a child, rehearse safety plans. Make sure they “know the drill.”

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  • Our children interact with adults in many settings; face to face and online. Knowing these rules can help us determine if an adult/child interaction is safe or unsafe.

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  • To evaluate what kind of relationships your children are experiencing, read this scripture, substituting "love is" with "Am I?" or "Do I?" ...Then substitute the name of other significant adults in your child's life.

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  • Most parents would be willing, in the example of Christ, to lay down their lives for their children. When the task at hand is not life or death, but one of many seemingly insignificant choices parents face every single day, what does it look like to parent with authentic love?

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  • Children and youth spend countless hours in the company of their peers. Peer relationships have the potential to be right relationships and also have the potential for abuse. Find out more about how to keep your children safe with peers.

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  • Knowing the warning signs can help you steer clear of dangerous situations and can give you an idea of when to seek help. Learn these important warning signs of Child Sexual Abuse.

    Warning Signs

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