Through Prayer and My Spiritual Life

  • Pray privately at least 15 minutes a day.
  • Go to a weekday Mass once a week.
  • Pray the Rosary Daily.
  • Read prayerfully the Mass readings for the following Sunday sometime during the week.
  • Spend 30-60 minutes once a week before the tabernacle in Eucharistic adoration.
  • Fast in some way at least one day per week.  
  • Go to confession once a month.
  • Do something to overcome one sinful habit.  Give this to our Lord for Love and Healing.
  • Attend a diocesan "Pilgrimage of Mercy" event.
  • Invite your family or friends to join you in Prayer.
  • Offer the Chaplet of Divine Mercy once a week.
  • Open your Heart to the Lord for Direction and Devotion to His love for you.
  • Seek Spiritual Direction to support you on this journey.