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Higher Ground Staff Opportunities

Each year, it takes approximately 80 volunteers to staff the different weeks Higher Ground Retreats™. Because of the dedication of these volunteers, Higher Ground Retreats have existed for over 50 years. A staff member is someone who...

  • Practices the Catholic Faith and is involved in parish life.
  • Respects and has a basic understanding of the central teachings of the Catholic Church
  • Is able to articulate their faith and is willing to share it with youth.
  • Demonstrates reasonable mental and emotional stability.
  • Is physically able to be involved in both rigorous and sedentary activities.
  • Demonstrates appropriate boundaries in their relationships.

Staff members must be at least two years out of high school to apply.

Staff Application

If you are interested in working as a staff member, please complete a Staff Application. Please be sure to mark the appropriate program and week that you prefer.

Staff Training

All staff training will be done at Ft. Robinson on the Saturday (day before) prior to your week starts. By submitting a staff application, you are committing to being available from Saturday to Friday of your week. You will be asked to arrive at Ft. Robinson near Crawford no later than 3:30 PM Mountain time on Saturday.

College Retreat will have staff training at Halsey on Sunday, May 19, 2018



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